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Montag, 21. März 2011

Maaya Sakamoto

Well for starters I'm posting 'bout a japanese singer I adore.
It's Maaya Sakamoto.
I don't know if it's legit to post some vids here I found on youtube but to be sure I'll only paste a picture of my fav. album of her.

It's called "Nikopachi" and contains a wide range of different music styles. Pop, Ballads and so on.
"Here" is the title of the 13th track and my absolute favourite. Makes me cry very often. ^^'
If it's legit in your country, then view it an youtube. A must see!


  1. Will check her out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice dude, good share. I look forward to more

  3. What pachi means... i know other japanese stuff that includes "-pachi" into the name.

  4. to be honest.. .i don't know. but... I'll search for it. Promised! ^^

  5. no. she's a woman. ^^' not the cutest - i know - but her voice is so wonderful.